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I'm 31 years old and have an endless thirst for adventure, action sports, art, music, dance, and capturing anything beautiful.  I've been shooting video and photography professionally for the past 9 years.  

"Keep yourself inspired!"

This beautiful pursuit in visual media has lead me on an incredible journey I could have never expected.  Meeting people in every facet of life, sharing stories with the most increadible individuals, and experiencing cultures around the world.   My photographs are recognized for their cinematic style, and vivid color.  My videos are known for emotional storytelling and cinematic visuals .

 I love storytelling, I love the human body and it's incredible ability to achieve what most think of as impossible.  I love even more capturing people pursuing their passions or attempting great feats of physical and mental strength.

"Love life!"

My videos and photography can be found anywhere from the cover and featured article of the largest Yoga magazine in the world ASANA INTERNATIONAL and dozens of online blogs and news sites for my work with ANTIGRAVITY ENTERTAINMENT & FITNESS,  the majority of PARK CITY MOUNTAIN'S social media channels and website, VAIL RESORTS social media and website, DISHING MAGAZINE, cover of THE PARK RECORD, and many more over the past 7 years.  (I'm not good at keeping track).  I've had the privilege of working with and being featured on GOPRO'S social channels, winner of a TELLY AWARD and Co-creater of PROJECT FLOWMANCE a beautiful photography passion project.

 Thanks for checking out proflowphoto.com.